Loss of Innocence

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Many people experience the loss of innocence every day because it’s just a natural thing. One way that people loss their innocence is through the violence of war. Most people in a war will come unto the fact that it’s a kill or be killed kind of thing. Everyone would naturally choose to kill another man and that’s how many people in a war end up losing their innocence. Another way that people lose their innocence is when they witness the death of someone else. In the book “Fallen Angels,” Lieutenant Carroll stated, “Lord, let us feel pity for Private Jenkins, and sorrow for ourselves and all the angel warriors that fall. Let us fear death, but let it not live within us…” Basically, he is saying that you can’t be stuck on the deaths that…show more content…
He turned to see a vitenaism soldier. Richie unloaded multiple bullets into the head of the soldier. The second way he lost his innocence when he witnessed the death of Lieutenant Carroll. This was a very tragic moment for Richie because he had grown very close to Lieutenant Carroll. Lobel could barely sleep the first couple of days after losing his innocence. He began to think about many things. Lobel stated, “… maybe it was my fault…I keep thinking maybe if I would have shot more, maybe a lucky shot would have got the guy…” He began to think of ways that he could have saved Lieutenant Carroll when in reality he was finding ways to comfort himself. When someone loses their innocence they are then opened up to the things the world has to offer. They are now mature. All of their views on things will change. Soliders at the age of 19 and 18 would be emotion scared for the rest of their life thinking what they could have done to stop what had happened from happening. In short, when someone loses their innocence ones eyes are open to the real world and all of their knowledge about things will begin to change. After someone loses their innocence they are forced to move on and deal with it. Those who lost their innocence will never feel the same again. Stated From a Former U.S Veteran, “I didn’t know it at the time but the people around me had to bear the brunt of what I was feeling after we lost those guys in my unit. When I wasn’t staying away from everyone, I would snap at

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