Lost Names : Scenes From A Korean Boyhood '

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Thomas Henderson Dr. Victoir East Asian History 11/15/14 Lost Names “Lost Names: Scenes from a Korean Boyhood”, is an extremely valuable novel. The novel, written by Richard E. Kim, focuses on a young Korean boy who lives during the Japanese colonization before World War II. Korea itself was under Japanese rule from 1910 until Japan surrendered in August of 1945. The way the Japanese colonized the Koreans was ruthless; not only did they drive fear into their hearts through physical threats, they also struck fear by manipulating their culture, their educational system, and using psychological threats to really put the Koreans under their thumb. The Japanese did not just colonize the Korean people; they began to turn them into another sect of the Japanese race. They took the Korean’s names, their religion, their language, they took their entire culture away and forced them to accept the Japanese way of life in hopes that they would not fight back, and that they would be completely under control in the Japanese rulers. They were successful too, as their reign lasted more than a few decades. “Lost Names: Scenes From a Korean Boyhood”, details that time in Korean history on a very personal and intimate level, and shows how terrifying colonization can be, in regards to the emotional and cultural condemnation by the Japanese people on the Koreans. The quote that is used in the third question prompt, “the real force of colonization comes not through physical coercion, but

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