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The person i am doing this project on is Louis Zamperini. I named one of the five after Louis. He was a troubled child growing in extreme prejudice for being italian but he wasn't a angel. He stole from bakeries, houses, and wine cellars. He once got three kegs of wine which were probably weighing twenty pounds each. He made small loot stashes. His brother pete found one and his was caught.
Louie was always foreshadowed. His father and mother would always say “why can't you be more like your brother.” i am just going to last the things he did; when he was two with pneumonia he streaked around his town and it took hours to catch him.
He got a pea shooter and shoot the girls around to school in a makeshift crows nest,he left wine kegs under …show more content…

He decided to change his ways and turn a new leaf. He started to run. He ran all over town he wanted to be a famous runner one day. With his unmerciful brother Pete. Louie made his way to a track team. He ran all over the world.he even went to nazi germany,he met Adolf Hitler. He also got drunk and thought that nazi flag would a good a remember of germany. He got caught by nazi gunmen and was let go by Adolf Hitler.
When world war two started louie didn't want to join the war.but he knew that he would be a good use. He became a world war two pilot. His plane was a b-24 liberator “the super man” it was a very buggy plane ;the bomb hatch door wouldn't always close and the engines were so sensitive that if a leaf went in the engine it would explode. One of the men would call it a flying coffin. As cramped as it was it had a nose gunner, a ball turret gunner on the bottom , a tail gunner, two waist gunners on each side and a bomb bay in the middle. Malfunctions were the worst enemy of the b-24’s. The super man had recorded some malfunctions including two in-flight engine failures ,a gas leak,oil pressure problems, and landing gear that locked-fortunately, in the down position. Once the Super Man’s brakes failed and the plane was three feet short of the runway what lied beyond that was the …show more content…

They all jumped on and sat for a brief moment asking themselves did that really just happen.phil died in the middle of the 47 days they were trapped on the raft. But it wasn't over Louie and Mac were captured by japanese soldiers and were held in pow camps. They were tortured,beaten, malnourished. Louie had it the worst he was seeked out by a high ranking japanese soldier ,Mutsuhiro Watanabe he was called “the bird” Louie was traumatized by the man and would make up in a cold sweat every night because of him. But later “the bird” was moved to a different camp. IT was the happiest moment louie had in months.
Things were good in his P.o.w camp for awhile and he was even moved to a different one where it was warmer. But it was the most horrible thing Louie could imagine, bird was at the new camp.all hope was lost until the bombs were dropped:little boy and fatman decimated japan. Men in the P.o.w camps don't know what to do. They found care packages sent by the U.S and gorged on them until help came to take Louie and the P.o.w survivors back to

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