Love Canal Research Paper

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The construction apparently damaged the integrity of the clay covering. Water from rain and heavy snows then seeped through the covering and entered the chemical-filled, clay-lined basin. The basin eventually overflowed into the houses, and the unfortunate residents had to endure the noxious smell and unwholesome sight of chemicals seeping into their basements and surfacing to the ground. In 1978 evidence of toxic chemicals was found in the living area of several homes, which prompted the state health commissioner to order an investigation that brought a number of health hazards to light. Several adults showed incipient liver damage; young women in certain areas experienced three times the normal incidence of miscarriage; and the area had three and one-half times the normal incidence of birth defects. …show more content…

Among all chemicals found at Love Canal, some caused minor health effects, such as skin irritation caused by dibromoethane and benzoic acid, but others were more serious. Since the chemicals became airborne, they caused respiratory conditions as well. Some of the major chemicals associated with Love Canal include benzaldehyde, which is an allergen, and benzene, which is a skin irritant with chronic effects, such as leukemia and anemia. Carbon tetrachloride is tied to acute effects, such as hepatitis and kidney damage, and chronic effects, such as liver tumors. Chloroform caused central nervous narcosis, skin and respiratory irritation, and stomach symptoms. The main chemical found was dioxin, which was most severe in its health effects; chronic effects included nervous system disorders and psychological

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