Love In Dante's Inferno

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In Dante’s Inferno canto III,1-9 it says “I AM THE WAY INTO THE DOLEFUL CITY, I AM THE WAY INTO ETERNAL GRIEF, I AM THE WAY TO A FORSAKEN RACE. JUSTICE IT WAS THAT MOVED MY GREAT CREATOR; DIVINE OMNIPOTENCE CREATED ME, AND HIGHEST WISDOM JOINED WITH PRIMAL LOVE. BEFORE ME NOTHING BUT ETERNAL THINGS WERE MADE, AND I SHALL LAST ETERNALLY. ABANDON EVERY HOPE, ALL YOU WHO ENTER.” It is understood that hell is created out of “The Primal love.” In other words, hell is created from God as the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. Also, a message of any situation; in which it warns all souls to “ABANDON EVERY HOPE, ALL YOU WHO ENTER” can have a purpose that comes from love which seems strange. Dante’s depiction of the sinners challenges the assumption of hell being created from love. He doesn’t easily accept that a loving God would create such severe punishments for his favored children. I was raised to believe in God. I know others may have their own beliefs and practice different religions. None the less, every so often I come across those who question God. Just as Dante felt puzzled as to why God put people he created through any type of cruelty. I feel that just as God can create heaven and greatness from love, he can create hard times and punishment from love as well. In the reading of Dante’s inferno, they have a special place for those who sided neither with God nor Lucifer which were called the “coward angels”. Many of those who question Gods doings belong there. There’s a

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