Lowering The Drinking Age From Twenty

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At eighteen years of age a teenager becomes an adult. They can choose to move out of their parents home, vote, marry, joining the military and buy tobacco and lottery tickets, but it isn’t illegal to purchase alcohol. However, in twenty-nine states it is legal to consume alcohol at eighteen, but not to purchase alcohol. Becoming an adult has many responsibilities; therefore, citizens should be able to drink at eighteen. The United States should lower the drinking age from twenty-one to eighteen because legally a citizen becomes an adult, less fatalities involving drinking, and help the economy. When a teenager turns eighteen it is a huge stepping-stone in their life. However, being an adult has more responsibilities and freedom. For example, tobacco is now legally available for purchase to an eighteen year old, voting for our government officials, being able to marry, join juries, and sign contracts without a parent’s signature. Additionally, turning eighteen males have to sign up for the draft and can fight in the military; however, they cannot legally have a drink. Eighteen is the age when everyone becomes an adult. Therefore, should be trusted to make the decision to consume alcohol. Another example the drinking age should be lowered is because there would be less fatalities involving alcohol. Many countries have the legal drinking age to be 18. “In these countries, they have seen a greater reduction of drunken driving accidents than the United States, where the legal
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