Lucy vs. Mina: Opposites Reveal Truth about Human Mentality

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Placing two opposite people in the same exact situation can reveal truth about how the human mind works. Differing personalities, decisions made, and impulses of each person influence their destiny. The use of the characters Lucy Westerna and Mina Harker in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, give insight into how certain types of humans think and how decisions they make determine their future. Lucy and Mina have such different views and reactions when placed in an uncertain situation such as being bit by a vampire. By examining the psychology of the characters, Lucy and Mina, it is revealed that through their opposing characteristics when placed in the same situation that the factors of fear, fascination, uncertainty, instincts, and capability to …show more content…

This shows how submissive and childlike Lucy is and how strong Mina is when dealing with change. People can accept change and devolve like Lucy does into a vampire, or they can fight it and evolve like Mina does into living a better life after being bitten. Human personalities define how we can or cannot handle change, which ultimately makes the future of that person expected. Lucy and Mina both have different instincts when dealing with the situation of being bit. Lucy, of course, is completely in the dark about the whole thing and is clueless as to what is even happening to her. When Lucy recalls the first night she encountered Dracula she says, “I didn’t quite dream; but it all seemed to be real. I only wanted to be here in this spot, I don’t know why, for I was afraid of something, I don’t know what” (Stoker 117). Lucy is very unsure of what was going on and she let her fear and fascination consume her. She continues to say, “something very sweet and very bitter were all around me at once; and there was a singing in my ears and everything seemed passing away from me; my soul seemed to go out from my body and float about the air” (117). She sees the situation as a dream and is blind to the reality and danger. Instead of coming to grips with what is really happening to her and using her head to try to figure it out, she automatically comes to the conclusion that she is just dreaming. She says, “Last night I seemed to be dreaming again just as I was at

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