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Luisaldo Mendiola Professor Price ENGL 1302 NT6 Research Essay April 21, 2017 Tradition and the Sheep A Critical Analysis of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” Traditions are common part of culture and religion in the world today; almost everyone has a tradition that they follow. The traditions you practice can be new and only just have started with your generation or the generation before yours. The traditions could also have been old, spanning many generations before your generation and your parents’ generation. Some traditions could be small and last for a few generations; an example of this would be like a yearly family cookout. One would invite their families to their house or local park to have fun and eat. It could be something small…show more content…
But lurking behind him, Mr. Graves quietly assists, his name hinting at a dark undertone” (Griffin par. 3). The black box that is used for the lottery is another symbol because it symbolizes a condition of the village, “The black box is a physical manifestation of the villagers ' connection to tradition” (Shmoop Editorial Team par. 1) This is due to how it is rumored that the current black box was made with parts of the old black box, “there was a story that the present box had been made with some pieces of the box that had preceded it,” (Jackson 140). The description of the box and the rumor of it being made of the old box are a symbol of the town’s current lottery. The new box represents the current lottery and the old box represent the lottery when it started. The old parts of the box that were used to create the new box are a symbol of the lottery prize, while the reason for the lottery existing stays with the old box. “The Lottery” is told in third person and does not tell the audience much about what the lottery prize is, hence the reader is left clueless throughout much of the story on what the prize is. This is where Jackson uses foreshadowing to give hints on what the prize might be but the readers will not know until the end of the story. The first hint that Jackson gives the audience is, “Bobby Martin had already stuffed his pockets full of stones”

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