Lux Alptraum: Article Analysis

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For my forum post I decided to focus in on the CBC news story “The impact of technology of sex work” in which Lux Alptraum (a writer who focuses on issues related to technology and sex) conducts an interview on this topic. I really enjoyed listening to this segment and found it to be extremely informative. I noticed a lot of parallels between the information presented in this interview with our assigned reading and also with the discussion my group had during our Socratic seminar. It was noted by Alptraum that many sex workers have turned to using the Internet in order to remain safe while doing their work. This perspective is very interesting, and I enjoyed hearing that the rise of technology is beneficial in this regard. Safety is a huge aspect and a topic of concern with regard to sex workers. The fact that the Internet is allowing for sex workers to filter through their clients, and be able to choose beforehand is something I think is absolutely needed for this kind of work. This is something that we also…show more content…
Social media allows for sex workers not have to give up their legal identity allowing them to present a totally different life. In this news clip technology was seen as solely positive, although I can personally see how the rise of technology could actually have a negative effect on sex workers. With social media, there is no possible way of removing the information once it has been released. If ever they decided to pursue a different career path for themselves and this information if leaked it could sabotage the whole process. Even though you may choose a different identity, photos could get leaked and your secret identity could be revealed. So in my personal opinion I do see that yes there are absolutely pros to the rise of technology and how it relates to sex workers, but like anything, there are cons as
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