Lying Definition Essay

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What defines a lie, and what do people believe about lying? Well, a lie is a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive, and certain people think that lying can be effective in different situations. As many people know, lying is often seen as a horrible trait. In some situations, lying can be used to benefit on or the other. These four articles, information about when lying appropriate, when to use lie, and/or how to lie. This point of view justifies how lying can be a benefit to the liar, and to others. To begin with, there are multiple of ways to lie, and different ways that lying can justified. Lying can be used for the greater good, or in negative ways. For example, “Tim, 18, said the key to being good at lying is to keep it simple. ‘If you get caught in a lie,’ he said, ‘tell another one, and then tell another one to cover that one up, but keep it simple. You keep it simple so you can recap it in your head and keep your story straight.’” (Article 4). This shows that lying to people is terrible. However, lying is an option in order to escape from another lie. Since lying is not positive, it is not very …show more content…

To others, it is okay if you do it in a right way. “The key to lying is not to tell a whole lie or a whole truth.” This shows that when lying you should not tell a whole lie, or a whole truth. When lying, it is crucial to keep it simple in order to lie the right way without other details. For example,”’Among the groups most likely to say lying is sometimes OK: people aged 18-29, college graduates and those with higher household incomes.’ ‘People have this idea that lying is bad.’”(Article 1). This demonstrates that most people have an idea that lying is bad. One can also see from this view is that some groups justify lying, and believe that it is okay. The author of this article wants the reader to understand that there are ways to tell a lie and that lying under some circumstances may be

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