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Marriage is the socially recognized union of two or more people. Selecting a marriage partner is very much a culturally defined process. The rules governing selection vary widely from society to society and are more often complex. How would you go about selecting a mate? Where would you begin? What criteria would you use? When we look around the world to see how other societies deal with these questions, it is clear that the ways of selecting a mate or a marriage partner has been changed from generation to generation.
In the generation where my grandparents came from, marriages were purely arranged by the elderly. Mothers or aunts usually selected a marriage partner for their sons. My grandparents got married when both of them were very …show more content…

Where they sit and talk in a romantic environment. Their real romance and true love started after the marriage.
In the generation, where my parents came from, marriages were no longer remaining purely arranged. However, my parents got an arranged marriage. Both of my parents’ families were settled in the city of Karachi. There, my dad’s father started a business. One day my mom’s father went out at his business place. He met with my father there. My mother’s father liked him and invited his family at home. In this way both families got a good family relationship. My dad’s parents saw my mom at her home. She was 19 and very beautiful. She was in 11th grade. My father was 26 years old at that time. My father saw my mom and liked her. But my mom could not see her at that moment. My grandmother showed her my father’s picture and asked her if she is interested in getting married with him. My mom said to do what they like to do. So, both of their parents fixed the date for their engagement. My grandmother told me that 4 months later after the engagement, there was an engagement of my mom’s brother. The party was going on at my mom’s house. My father was also invited and asked my mom to sit in the car. However, my mom was very shy and did not answer him. Then her mother asked her to go out with him for sometime. They went out for half hour. They had some ice cream and my father talked to her in the car. My mom was wearing dark blue

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