Mabry Agency Case Study

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In countless areas there are higher crime rates, and often specific locations stand out and require additional services. Police agencies have spent years trying to find the perfect technique for equally distributing effected resources to advance hot spots. The Mabry agency which is in Harmony, Florida is no different, since their crime rates are on the rise. Which is why we are implementing a new policing program that involves hot spots, and a planned outcome evaluation. The purpose for using hot spot policing in the town of Mabry is to simply cut down the amount of crime in those hot spot areas and the surrounding areas, by adding additional patrol vehicles and officers. This strategy is based on programs such as the broken windows …show more content…

“The ultimate goal is to improve order in these specific areas to create broad crime-reduction results across the greater area. (Office of Justice Programs, 2011).” Each agency has a different set of procedures and components they use for hot spots policing for example, some agencies focus only on reducing crime in certain locations that have extremely high levels of crime. Although other agencies use several different techniques such as using three different approaches. The three approaches used are increasing misdemeanor arrests, situational prevention strategies, and social service actions. Another procedure used by other agencies includes working within the communities to become available for new information on planned crimes.
In order to fully understand hot spots, you must first understand existing research that is found in scholarly articles. Here are three articles that explain hot spots and their evaluation plan, Policing Crime and Disorder Hot Spots: A Randomized Controlled Trail, Hot Spots Policing with Actively Monitored CCTV Camera and The Effects of Directed Patrol and the last article is Self-Initialed Enforcement on Firearm Violence a Randomized Controlled Study of Hot Spots Policing. Each article measures and operationalizes their own individual’s outcome, for example the first article is dealing with physical and social disorder as

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