Macbeth: A Foreshadowing Essay

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The Throne of Blood is a film that attempts to recreate Shakespeare's tragedy "Macbeth." This tale is one of greed, deception, and backstabbing traitors. It is the tale of a man prophesized to be king. Once king, he wants more and tries to get what he wants. However, his `trustworthy' friend stabs the king in the back and eventually dies himself. In the end, all that is left is a bunch of dead guys and a castle without a king; pretty tragic if you ask me. This scene begins with two samurai on horseback riding in and stopping at the edge of a forest. They have a conversation and then they ride on. After a little bit, they stop and talk again and conclude that they are lost. One of the samurai shoots an arrow into the tree tops and an …show more content…

This same song is played when the samurai notice that the hut is gone as well. As the scene ends, a mysterious and suspenseful song played while the two warriors are apparently lost. The music selection in this scene was, for the most part, background, but in some cases it was foreshadowing. Such was the case when the old man told the two samurai their future. It gave me the feeling that something bad was going to happen. In my opinion, the sounds effects just added a sense of proximity to the scene. The sound of the thunder and the rain established the mood for the scene really well. Other effective sound effects were rather simple, but highly effective. Some examples of these were the horses' feet stomping on the ground, the horses neighing, and the clinks and clangs of the samurai's armor and weapons. These were effective because they made you feel as if you were standing just a few feet from them. Another good sound effect was the `twang' of the bow when one of the samurai shot an arrow into the tree tops. Immediately after the arrow was fired, an evil spirit is heard laughing. Even though the laugh itself was pathetic, it was a nice touch to make you feel for the lost samurai. Throughout the whole scene, you almost always hear something, whether it's the horses, the samurai's equipment, or people talking; making sound very important in this scene. As far as spectacle goes, I was always noticing something new about something. But let's start at

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