Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

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I have been given the task and privilege of directing the film Macbeth, (Macbeth) and the essay will examine many aspects of the play including the main characters, personalities, themes as well as the important incidents in the film and the historical background. I have chosen Lady Macbeth as the main character for discussion.
The 2010 film, saw Macbeth as Stalin and the weird sisters or witches were portrayed as nurses and then cooks. It was filmed in an abbey which retained some of the original scenes of Shakespeare’s play. The 2010 film starred Patrick Steward as Macbeth and Kate Fleetwood as Lady Macbeth. Despite the film’s differences when compared to traditional interpretations of the play, it received wide spread …show more content…

Thus, initially at any rate, she has a much stronger mental psyche than her husband and is prepared to countenance dark deeds to achieve her desired ends and accuses her husband, and insulting his manhood, “of being pale and green,” (Shakespeare, Act 1, scene 7). Regarding her emotions Lady Macbeth is very well controlled mentally and gives little away emotionally but tells Macbeth, significantly, in respect of the murders, that, “What’s done cannot be undone.” (Shakespeare, Act 5, Scene 1.) However, in directing the play I am well aware that Lady Macbeth’s emotions and mental strength change drastically during her role and her mental strength is not as strong as she thought. Ultimately, she kills herself, tormented with the burden of her and Macbeth’s murderous actions in securing the crown of Scotland. Thus, in directing the film I must be acutely conscious of the actress playing dual roles and being able to play firstly lady Macbeth as the confident, cruel and forceful queen apparent and the later Lady Macbeth who cannot sleep or continue as a queen, being racked with guilt and conscience who cannot cope with her life.
The weird sisters form an important part of the play. In a modern day setting the traditional portrayal of three ugly old hags is not appropriate. Rather than portraying them as nurses or cooks I would prefer three ageing women, not necessarily so old,

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