Macbeth Character Analysis

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Thane of Glamis and Cawdor
General in the King’s army

Physical description and traits: Macbeth is ambitious, as well as superstitious, he is known for his military prowess, boldness and bravery. He is peerless, affectionate, loyal, dominant in imposing stern terms upon he vanquished. He is hubris, as well as an opportunist. He has a conscience, which hinders him at first in securing the crown.
Role in Play: Macbeth is the protagonist, he is also the tragic hero.
Role in the Plot: Macbeth plays the role of an ambitious character that murders Duncan in order to secure the crown, during the play, he fluctuates between murderous fevered action and moments of terrible guilt.

Lady Macbeth

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Like Duncan, he represents divine right to the crown. He shows gratitude, wisdom, moderation, religiousness, and resolution.

Role in Story: Malcolm is the antagonist, his return to the thrown symbolizes restoration of order following Macbeth’s reign of terror.

Role in Plot: He is another person that Macbeth has to fight in order to secure the thrown.

Younger son of Duncan

Physical description and traits:

Role in Play:

Role in Plot: Like Malcolm, Donalbain is another person Macbeth would have to step over to keep the crown.

Scottish Nobleman

Physical description and traits: Lennox is very observant, he is suspicious, sarcastic, fearful, and courageous.
Role in Play: Lennox has the gift of irony, regarded as having a shrewd mind, for he early suspects Macbeth.
Role in Plot: Exposes Macbeth.

Scottish Nobleman
Macbeth’s cousin

Physical descriptions and traits: Neutral and colorless.
Role in Play: Herald and messenger
Role in Plot: Brought good news about Macbeth’s military victory, and bad news about Macduff’s family, causing Macduff to avenge his family.

Earl of Northumberland
General in English forces

Physical description and traits: likable, brave, soldier.

Role in Play: Antagonist, Ally of Macduff and Malcolm
Role in Plot: He is
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