Macbeth Critical Analysis

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State Theatre Company’s Macbeth is a modern take on a Shakespeare classic. In its best moments, Macbeth is an adrenaline-packed and harrowing psychological thriller. It leaves the audience on the edge of their seats as leads Nathan O’Keefe (Macbeth) and Anna Steen (Lady Macbeth) intoxicate the theatre audience through their pursuit of the “golden round”.

However, the play as a whole doesn’t match up to its best moments, as Brookman’s butchering of the original text leads to some serious pacing issues. The inconsistency between fast paced thriller and monotonous slog is so prevalent, that even Geordie Brookman’s focus on the psychological decay of the Macbeths isn’t enough to enthral the audience – ultimately resulting in a severely underwhelming production with doses of theatrical gold.
State Theatre Company’s Macbeth, for all of its faults, feels very personal as a production. This is the result of very intentional creative choices, which include some of the small cast of actors doubling up many of the minor roles in the play, as well as deciding to focus on the Macbeth’s trauma from losing their infant child. These decisions have profound effects on the audience as they continue to observe Macbeth’s descent into moral decay, often leaving the theatre in silent sweat as the harrowed ghosts of his enemies continually haunt him – lingering on the set, always watching, always judging.

Furthermore, the themes of the supernatural in Macbeth manifest in the form of the Witch
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