Macbeth : Lightness And Darkness

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Emina Muratovic Mr. Tice Honors English 2 6 March 2017 Macbeth Essay: Lightness and Darkness Is the lightness and darkness combination, implemented by Shakespeare in the play The Tragedy of Macbeth, foreshadowing Macbeth’s downfall? As many can identify conspicuous examples of light and darkness through characterization, the play has many hidden foreshadowing signifiers. Although many overlook the imagery created through the light and darkness in Macbeth, Shakespeare places these examples strategically to make readers pay close attention to particular parts in the play. A passageway was created for Macbeth’s downfall not only through the characters Shakespeare has created such as Lady Macbeth and the witches, but also through nature.…show more content…
They start to build up his confidence, and Macbeth fuels his hunger for ambition with his confidence. Macbeth truly believes that the witches have power way beyond control. Dialogue between the witches proves Macbeth’s sitch wrong when the witches actions show that they cannot influence someone 's free will: FIRST WITCH. A sailor’s wife had chestnuts in her lap, And munched, and munched, and munched. “Give me,” quoth I. “Aroint thee, witch!” the rump-fed runnion cries. Her husband’s to Aleppo gone, master o ' th ' Tiger; But in a sieve I’ll thither sail, And like a rat without a tail, I’ll do, I’ll do, and I’ll do. (I.III.4-11) Without the creation of the three witches by Shakespeare, Macbeth’s downfall would have happened more gradually, and possibly completely differently. The relationship Shakespeare created between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth, and the characterization of Lady Macbeth brought about his downfall. Lady Macbeth sees herself differently than others see her; while she thinks highly of herself, others see her as hard to work with. In II.II.64-65, Lady Macbeth talks about herself, but it is more than opposite of how you can describe Lady Macbeth. She uses a heart so white to represent an innocent soul as well as light imagery to show weakness and fragility: “My hands are as red as yours, but I would be ashamed if my heart were as pale and weak.” Lady Macbeth does not want anyone to see what she will do, and
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