Macbeth and Picture of Dorian Gray Essay

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The Picture of Dorian Gray – Victorian Era
Gray swaps his soul for the painting through an indirect Faustian Bargain.
Quote: 'Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give! I would give my soul for that! '
Social Values/Context:
Aestheticism was exposed to Dorian Gray by Lord Henry who was an aesthetic himself, which ultimately leads to the Faustian Bargain.
Quote: "Oh, she is better than good – she is beautiful," murmured Lord Henry, sipping a glass of vermouth and orange-bitters. "Dorian says she is beautiful, and he is not often wrong about things of that kind. Your portrait of him has quickened his appreciation of the personal appearance of other people. It has had that excellent effect, amongst others."
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This reflects the convention of appearance versus reality, and through this the appearance of Gray and the reality he lives in is represented through his insatiable desire for eternal beauty. Wilde intends to use the conventional theme of appearance versus reality in a Faustian Bargain to convey the idea of a fatal correspondence between the painting and Dorian’s life. Where the painting’s appearance differs exponentially from Gray’s reality of corrupt and murderous behaviour. Shakespeare also displays the fatal correspondence that exists between the witches’ prophecy in his play Macbeth, which reflects on the Faustian Bargain theme. Elizabethan period sparked a profound interest in witchcraft, and through this Shakespeare had used the three witches as the catalyst for Macbeth’s Faustian Bargain. A parallel can be drawn with Macbeth’s reality and the appearance of his fate through the prophecy of the witches, who act as external manipulators of Macbeth’s thoughts. Through biblical allusion the fact that the witches are prophets of Macbeth’s destiny is ironic, as they are not acting in the place of God, but in the place of Satan.

1. Dorian Gray:
Values can affect the induction of the Faustian Bargain, through both texts the values and how they affect the introduction of the Faustian Bbargain are explored through the relationships and values of the characters. The novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde explores

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