Machiavelli's Mentality

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Harel Tillinger
Niccolo Machiavelli was born in the city of Florence, on May Third, 1469. He came to power and was exiled by the Medici family. While he was exiled, he wrote The Prince to inform other leaders how to maintain power unlike himself. In his signature book, Machiavelli explained how a leader must always have war on his mind, never be hated, and be surrounded by truthful ministers. Leaders who shared a similar mentality as Machiavelli are Hongwu and Suleyman because of his harshness with government officials, and him being a patron of the arts, respectively. Hongwu shares a comparable mentality with Machiavelli because he was harsh with his officials. Zhu Yuanzhang, or Hongwu, was the first emperor to rule the Ming empire and
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Suleyman was considered the best sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He conquered Belgrade and Rhodes, two major territories for the Ottomans. Also, Suleyman thrived to make Istanbul the capital of the arts in that time period. Niccolo Machiavelli states in The Prince, “A prince ought also to show himself a patron of ability, and to honour the proficient in every art”(Machiavelli 21). Suleyman illustrates this quote because he built and supported hundreds of projects to make Istanbul a center of artwork. “[Suleyman] began a series of building projects, including bridges, mosques, and palaces, that rivalled the greatest building projects of the world in that century”( Suleyman with the help of Sinan, one of the greatest architects at the time, helped to transform Istanbul into a “center of visual art, music, writing, and philosophy in the islamic world”( Using Machiavelli’s method of being a patron of the arts, Suleyman remained in power for 46 years, the longest Ottoman sultan.
As a final point, Hongwu and Suleyman both uniquely share qualities that make them similar to Machiavelli. Hongwu was very harsh with his citizens and Suleyman accomplished to make Istanbul the center of the arts. As a result both the rulers ruled for more than 40 years which is what The Prince strived to
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