Machines Overcoming Humans

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As one would begin to think, about how much technology we humans use daily, they realize just how much we are in need of it. As people, look back in time over the generations to where we no technology to whereas now almost everything you come across you can find on the internet or on a system. When reading “The Machine Stops,” it shows the reader just how naïve people are to how much technology they use. People are so use to just having it that they do not even think about how much it consumes their lives. As I have learned, in the past couple of months just how much we humans are as a cyborg, made me just as gullible as people are to how much technology consumes our lives. When first thinking about the concept of us humans are as cybernetic organisms I was skeptical about the concept and did not believe we were as cybernetic organisms. As looking to see what a cybernetic organism is, I found they are a human who has certain biological developments assisted or controlled by mechanical or electronic devices. When learning that was the meaning I began to think us humans are as cybernetic organisms. My first reading on the thoughts of cyborg, was “You Are Cyborg,“ written by Hari Kunzru, writing to Donna Haraway who does believe we humans are cyborgs. As one reads “You Are Cyborg,” who sees that Donna Haraway, is not saying that we humans are physically cyborgs that are all mechanically made but that we are consumed by technology making us cybernetic organisms. This concept

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