Mackenzie Jurosko. Geo 1110 Geology . Professor Macenczak

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Mackenzie Jurosko
GEO 1110 Geology
Professor Macenczak
10 January 2017

We Are Running Out of Water

Around the world our water supply is depleting. Our water is becoming contaminated making it harmful for both mammals and aquatic life. Today over one billion people go without adequate water supply and every fifteen seconds a child dies of waterborne illness. Sources of water that once supplied water to millions can no longer meet the supply and demand of the water need. Scientist predict that the amount of useful water will keep depleting greatly in the years to come. In the next couple of pages it will talk about both the geological and human reasons as to why are water supply is depleting. About seventy percent of …show more content…

On average 700 people worldwide drink contaminated water worldwide. The leading cause to water pollution is sewage and waste. On average the world dumps 5-10 million tons of untreated industrial waste into streams, rivers and oceans. In 2011 a tsunami that hit Japan sent a forty-three and half miles long island made of debris floating out into the pacific ocean. Also from causes of the tasumi it promoted the Japanese government to dump two million of radioactive water into the pacific ocean as well. In 1989 Exxon accidently spilled eleven million metric tons of crude oil into the sea off of Alaska’s Prince Williams Sound. The disaster cover 3,000 square miles. One major example of water shortage in the United States can be seen in the Arizona vs California supreme court case. The Colorado River basin supplies water to Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. More than thirty-three million people depend on the Colorado river for water supply. The Colorado river supplies quarter of a million jobs. In recreational activities alone the river brings in twenty-six billion dollars. In 1922 the Colorado River compact was made allowing the seven states to use the river for their supply and demand of water. However this compact was made when it was considered “wetter” times, because the compact divvied up to each state 's more than

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