Mad Cow Disease

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Among the most spread diseases globally, there are (1) HIV/AIDS, (2) tuberculosis (TB), (3) cholera and (4) malaria (The Levin Institute, p. 2) The first two can either be found both in developed and underdeveloped countries, whereas the last two are particularly found in poor countries. Associated with these diseases is, globalization. With globalization all around, there has been a sharp increase in global commerce/business and circulation of people. For instance, more merchandises are sent back and forth than any time before, and more relatively, a lot of travelers (tourists, businessmen, students in school exchange programs, military personnel, diplomats, sportsmen, etc) board planes back and forth in an unprecedented way. …show more content…

Additionally, there have been cases where malaria carrying mosquitoes were found on planes hundreds of thousands of miles away from their hotspots. Relatively, cholera carrying bacteria have managed to travel from South America to North America and Europe. Notably, globalization is a double edged sword concept. Same as it facilitated the spread of contagious diseases, it also helped to bolster access to “medicines, medical information” (The Levin Institute, p. 2) and human capacity building that help in treating or curing these diseases.
For instance, pharmaceutical enterprises and states are now able to expedite medicines to closed up regions of the world that are facing those pandemic diseases. Non-governmental organizations catering for needy people, wishing to distribute needed medicines can also do so with much more ease thanks to advances in technology, especially the internet in amore globalized …show more content…

21-22) Personally, my firm belief is, GMOs are beneficial to the global human societies, since their use make them more “resistant to parasites”, a rapid production resulting in producing much more quantities of protein. In short, there will be more production and more nutritious crops. Among the benefits, is that with GMOs malnutrition problems will be reduced remarkably. For instance, science has found ways to inject vitamin A into rice (referred to as Golden Rice), a process that helps prevent people from becoming

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