Madness And Insanity In Shakespeare's Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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You can’t be certain of the events or tomorrow or the next 30 seconds. In the bible, “ whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life(James 4:14)”. In Hamlet, certainty is a tremendous concern. In the beginning, were the guards sure of seeing Old Hamlet’s ghost, or so they thought? Could Hamlet truly draw from the expressions of Claudius during the play that he killed his father? Did Claudius or the audience know that Hamlet was truly mad? Did they know their actions would lead to their deaths? In the play, Hamlet, the uncertainty of your actions can lead to madness. The impossibility of knowing a situation or outcome is troubling. For example, when nervous about a situation, we studder, shake, bite our nails, just to get over the tempation. As a great temptation, we fall to its grip everyday. In Hamlet, the play is haunted by an alleged ghost of Old King Hamlet. As individuals, we mustn't let our senses and sometimes acute abilities, lead us to a misunderstanding. We read that as one man sees it, another says he does as well. The Domino Effect has “granted” them an open path. In Hamlet, the actions and words projected, produced the effect, which led to the characters concerns. At twilight, appearances can be altered when your eyes aren’t accustomed. So to the effect, it could have been just their imagination, or an animal who had a bold exterior. When approached by the ghost, they demanded he speak and attempts to assault him, but realizes he’s nothing of air, maybe an illusion. So shaken by the night's events, they rushed to prince Hamlet, telling him of the apparition. When Hamlet arrives, he’s biting for the anticipation of the 12th hour. Then Horatio in confidence, sees his appearance and warn the others. Hamlet influenced by the gossip of the guards, craves for his father's voice, questioning why “why isn’t he “canonized” bones, hearsed in death… Wherein we saw the quietly inurned(I.IV.50-53).” Tricked by the night, they see it wave to follow him and Hamlet filled with curiosity, doesn’t care of what’s being warned of him. Being unaware of the consequences and uncertainty of his proceeding steps. He feeds off the ghost statement causing confusion and shocked by his uncle
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