Magwitch Character Analysis

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Poetic justice is to experience something that is deserving of the action of one’s self. An example of this would be, Magwitch’s claim that he didn't drown Compeyson and that Compeyson drowned on his own. This shows how poetic justice gave compeyson an experience deservableable for his actions to Magwitch. Appearances of poetic justice happens many times in this book, such as when Pumblechook gets robbed. In many ways, Joe receives this on multiple occasions, and he deserved them. Instances of this sort of justice happens to be gifted to Joe in his unsavory life. Joe had a hard beginning because he had an abusive childhood. Even so, Joe persevered and endured this. Because of this he has a warm and sympathetic personality, opposite of his …show more content…

Again, when he says that it no longer matters, he is trying to get over his negative emotions he is feeling at the moment through the positive attitude he carries with him. He tries to keep himself in check by getting over this personal issue. However, it might take a little bit of time since it is a problem that is delicate to him. Later, he does move onwards from this, which could have been helped by his other positive characteristics. Additionally, Joe is very forgiving when others do wrong to him, which is what helps Joe recieve his better life. For example, when pip recovers from his sudden illness after the death if Magwitch, Pip pleads Joe to be angry with him on. He pleads, “‘Oh, Joe, you break my heart! Look angry at me, Joe. Strike me, Joe. Tell me of my ingratitude. Don’t be so good to me!’ For Joe had actually laid his head down on the pillow at my side, and put his arm round my neck, in his joy that I knew him. ‘Which dear old Pip, old chap,’ said Joe,‘you and me was ever friends. And when you’re well enough to go out for a ride—what larks!’”(932). This shows how Joe is highly tolerant and doesn't want to dwell on the past. He is very willing to let by gones be by gones and move on with life confidently. He may be doing this because he, himself, doesn’t want to make others suffer, like his dad used to. Proof of his warming personality is expressed when

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