Main Reasons For The Fall Of Rome Essay

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Julius Caesar once said, ” It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.” The Ancient Roman Empire was one of the world’s greatest empires. Beginning in around 750 BCE with a small settlement no one knew it would become a great empire making many discoveries that we still live by today. Although the empire was strong they started to run into some problems. Starting in 44 BCE with Caesar becoming emperor and continuing into 500 CE, the city was declining fast. Although some researchers may say that natural disasters were the main reason for the decline of Rome, however the primary reasons for the decline of Rome were political corruption and military mistakes. Political corruption was a main reason for the fall of Rome because there were higher-class people trying to take all the power which made many people unhappy causing assassinations and unfairness. Military mistakes were also a big problem because the military was too lazy to fight causing invasions and unnecessary deaths. To begin with, political corruption was a major reason leading to the fall of Rome. Leaders were jealous, selfish, and unfair to the poor. Document E, an excerpt of a historical text by Priscus states, “A wealthy lawbreaker… is not punished for his injustice, while a poor man… undergoes the legal penalty.” This quote shows that because a man is wealthier than another and can pay a bribe he gets off easy for a crime while a poor

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