Maja Melkisedek: A Short Story

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How Could One Forgive

Above in a place only some care to carry in their thoughts; a small, beautiful Chinese women Maja Melkisedek encountered a man who went by the name of Cacouli Shernou.
“I’m Cacouli Shernou and you are?”
“I’m Maja Melkisedek. What’s your story?’
“I was Japanese--” Cacouli began to speak politely and was interrupted by the footsteps of Maja walking away.
Cacouli spoke wondering,” Was it something I said?” no response was from the face of Maja
“Are you okay?” Cacouli was wondering if it had been his appearance or smell. Instead of intruding on her again he decided to walk in the opposite direction. He continued to walk away until he turned the thick wall of precious metals. Maja continued and realised that he probably wasn’t …show more content…

This time she let go of her emotions and began to silently weep.
“How could you do that?” She shouted.” My family? My life I was suppose to have? How? I don’t understand.” she fell to her knees and began to weep. “My son, he was only 16, and they killed him because they thought he was a disguised soldier. I never even told him he could fight in the wars. He didn’t know,” still crying she continued for the rest of her family, “They killed Jojo, right in front of me and told me he was nothing, but a little chinese baby, they cut him piece by piece in front of me with a bayonette. My daughter, they took her into the camps, where they forced her to sleep with her brother before they both were rapped then killed by getting stabbed to death by a bayonet. I was walking home one night and they followed me home and taunted me till I got to my front …show more content…

They yelled and threw me to the floor one of them threw themselves on top of me. I had to keep silent so my children wouldn’t wake up. So this one night didn’t have to include one of their family members perishing. I was crying and asking them to stop silently. I didn’t want to get shot. I let them all enjoy their satanic acts until they were done. Them they started to beat me. I couldn’t hold my mouth shut. I yelled at them to stop. Then I heard my children. They woke up. I hoped they didn’t hear the crying, but it was too late. They walked over and grabbed Janjo and threw him by me. I comforted him for only a split moment of ‘I love you’ until they threw him around and he died from impact. Then Cari, my dear sweet Cari, she was so innocent, and pure. They got her, and did the same acts they disgraced upon me. I fought them for both of my children. The first time they cut off my hand, the second time, one of them came and threw me up against the wall and slapped me everywhere. I heard her screams until her last scream. She was gone. Then, they came for me. I cannot explain what they did to me because I passed out from exhaustion and woke up here. Where I found out that my husband was still alive, but everyday he experienced worse than my children and I. When John Rabe saved him with the Nazi flag. John was

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