Major Findings From The Campus Equity Audit

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Major findings from the Campus Equity Audit
Richard J Wilson Elementary School has 576 students. The population consists of a student body that is 96.5% Hispanic, 0.9% African American, 2.4% white, and 0.2%. The school employs 33 teachers that have been with the school an average of nine years. Altogether, the teachers average 10 teaching years of experience. The student-teacher ratio is 17.3 students for every teacher. The special education division has two assistant teachers. In addition, the elementary school also employs five education aids (Har,2016) Due to the high density of the Hispanic population, I expected to find a higher percentage of English Language Learners (ELL’s). The percentage found of ELL’s was 69.4%. …show more content…

Below the accountability table, the report illustrates a bar graph called “Performance Index Report.” The expected scores for the following indices were Index 1 (student’s achievements target):60, Index 2 (Student Progress): 32, Index 3 (Closing Performance Gaps):28, and Index 4 (Postsecondary readiness target):12 (2016 Accountability Summary). In comparison, Richard J. Wilson Elementary had the following scores: Index 1: 73, Index 2:46, Index 3: 45, and Index 4: 33 (Accountability Summary, 2016).

Findings related to Course
Although testing has been around for a long time, I instinctively believe that testing doesn’t give a clear picture student achievement. Thus, I make a strong connection to the following quote: “A central question has been whether accountability policies and standardized testing [are] helping or harming those children the polices are most often designed to serve” (Skrla, Mckenzie, Sheurich, 2009 p.11). For instance, when I analyzed and interpreted the TAPR of Richard J Wilson Elementary school, I found valuable information that all teachers should know at the beginning of every school year. Specifically, examining the categories of tested and the students’ performance on individual TEKS would allow teachers to have a clear picture of what exact skills and content knowledge students are expected to achieve throughout the school year.
This experience has allowed me to make connections to the important

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