Major Movements Of Poetry : Poetry, Comedy, Ode And Lyric

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Major Movements in poetry
Throughout history, poetry has evolved and changed according to the message that poets are interested in conveying to their audiences. From the oral tradition of storytelling to the politically influenced poetry designed as medium for change, poetry has made a notable impact through the ages on societies and communities. Learning about the different movements in poetry can help you appreciate the differences in time periods and give you insight into how different events and ideals history helped shape poetry.
• Ancient Greek poetry (7th to 4th centuries B.C.) before reading and writing was common, traveling performers memorized and recited poetry to audiences. However, the Greeks were the first civilization to begin writing down poetry. Greeks created all of the following forms of poetry: epic, tragedy, comedy, ode and lyric. Some of the famous poets of this time included Homer, Sappho and Euripides. Dramatic performances for royalty were common in this time period.

• Provencal literature (11th to 13th centuries) – This movement sprang from a group of musicians from southern France who began to write powerful lyrics and put them to music. The three concepts that they focused upon were imagery, secret love and the spiritualization of passion. Gifted in weaving together masterful works of meter, form and rhythm, these poets achieved a unique and enviable style.

• Elizabethan and Shakespearean Eras (1558-1625) Humanistic and religious subjects…

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