Making Choices Research Paper

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Making choices and decisions is a part of life. Simply put, the way life unfolds, with its twists and turns, starts and stops, requires us to make choices and decisions every step of the way. Choices may seem very small in reality time, but they can be huge when it comes to the outcome of your future. In my life, I have had to make many important choices. Without some of these crucial choices, I may or may not have been typing this letter. One of these very important choices is where I decided to attend my high school education. Choosing where you attend high school is very important because wherever you go, you must trust that the institution will prepare you for college as well as life. Some of the circumstances that influence my choice to go to go to Villa Angela - St. Joseph High school was my family, my location, and the foundation and reputation of the school. My family helped me through the…show more content…
The first choice that will help me be a successful person has to do with spiritual life. I think that I need to build a better relationship with God and trust his reasoning for all things. Along with this, I must choose to understand that his reasoning is much greater than mine. Decisions in academics are also very important as well. Academically, to be successful, one big choice I will have to pick is what I want to do in college for my major. College is the beginning stages of being an adult, and what major you set up in is going to prepare you to get a job in that field years after college. Last but not least, personally, a choice I need to make to succeed is to make sure that I always have faith in myself and in my capabilities. In life, there are not many things or people that you can truly count on. But if you have internal belief in yourself at all times, that will take you very far. I believe these important choices will get me on the right foot on the path to more
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