Making the Tale of Lucetta Essay

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Here begins the tale of Lucetta: When you see the photos from a long time ago you now realize how many years have passed by and that many memories were now forgotten. Sometimes it’s good to forget what has happened in the past but then sometimes the past may leave very good memories that you should always remember forever. This is a tale of an elderly lady named Marguerite was very quiet and had barely said any words and when she had spoken she had talked in extremely firm words, and rarely a sentence. She spoke with an accent so soft but careful for she had lost her husband a few months before I had came on this journey. Her husband was a carpenter, who fixed and built special things to sell, and he had his own business, and he was also a…show more content…
Marguerite was very lucky because British women going off and dating the Americans were known to be traitors to their own country and a disgrace to their families but luckily for her family her mother and father were very opened minded about her and dating a new person, and if you think on what other people would have thought it was a disaster for dating a new guy way outside your reach. The second part ends
The third part follows: Marguerite and Jules’s relationship had almost ended before it could even begin. Jules was a pilot going over a bombing mission over Nazi Germany on April 18, 1944. When he was going on this mission his plane was hit by an enemy fire but carefully Jules was able to make a crash land in a field and him and his crew had split up taking off in all different directions. While the Germans were out doing their patrols they had found most of the crew members from the plane and one of them was Jules, and when they were all caught they were sent to Austria and was imprisoned there. At this point the news had come around to Marguerite and she had thought that all her hopes and dreams of hers would be falling apart. She had begun her journey on getting her boyfriend out of the camp that the Germans were holding him at. She had traveled from France to Germany 641.255 miles by herself trying to find the answers that she needed to locate where Jules was and to see if he was okay because it has been almost a year since the plane crash. When she
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