Malcolm X: A Brief History Of America

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Since the beginning of American history their has been iconic people and groups that has stood out through their voice, actions, and philosophies to challenge the way others based upon the events and ways other people acted. In the late 1950's and early 1960's, Malcolm X was one of those many people that exemplified a challenge to the government system. His opposed views about Western nations, was that America was founded and born on the system of racism, and that black people must unite to create their own society built with values that will progress the black communities. Such philosophy was influenced and supported by black nationalist and black separatists movements like that of the Marcus Garvey, Nation of Islam, and then after the Black Panthers.
Now, at the beginning of the movie, we see Malcolm X being named Malcolm Little. Where his dad was murdered by racist Ku-Klux-Klan members and his mom went crazy after her husbands death raising over more than five kids by herself. During his young adolescent life he was trying to fit, and by the …show more content…

The movie displayed to me how the media can work for or against outspoken leaders based upon the medias bias agreement or disagreement with what a person may have said, therefore deterring the context of what a person may have said to fit their wants and needs for the listener to hear. My perception and view of Malcolm X has become more appreciative of how Malcolm, in a sense transformed from promoting the rights of only blacks, and then re-examining his own pre-suppositions and challenging not just others views, but his own views as he got older and more mature with realization, to where he at the end of his life started promoting rights for all races , through joining forces with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X has become a known name to history. His story shows, that the world can be changed through just the power of voice and the message that the voice

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