Malcolm X Draft 2

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Kyle James
January 12, 2014
U.S. History

The Social Impacts of Malcolm X The Black Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century pushed for and achieved different levels equality through its many prominent activists. Prior to the movement, millions of Black Americans faced brutal abuse and segregation with little to no government action taking place against such wrongdoings. The movement included passionate advocates for black equality such as Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. These civil and human rights activists inspired millions of Americans to join in the cause for justice and equality for all through their many unique styles. Malcolm X was one prominent civil rights activist known for his fiery demeanor and …show more content…

Eventually, Malcolm Little was caught and sentenced to prison for 10 years on robbery charges in 1946. While in prison, he heard about the African American religious group known as the Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam was a controversial organization founded by Wallace Fard Muhammad. The organization was classified as a cult by many Americans and was known for its extremist philosophies. The main reason it attracted Malcolm Little though was because it was a large, powerful black organization. Malcolm Little was interested and decided to start making contact with the organization through letters. He eventually contacted the group’s leader Elijah Muhammad. Elijah wrote to Malcolm Little saying that blacks should not be ashamed of their skin color and that blacks were not inferior to whites; whites were the ones who put blacks down. For the first time in his life, Malcolm Little began to feel he could be a part of something. He thought he could actually be accepted and become a Muslim. While Malcolm Little was raised a Baptist, he never paid much attention in church and did not understand how singing and praying would make anything better. Now that Malcolm Little had been introduced to a religion and organization that pertained more to him, he was eager. When Malcolm Little was finally let out on parole after 8 years, he instantly became a member of the Nation of Islam and cleansed his

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