Malocclusion Can Affect One's Teeth Research Paper

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First impressions last a lifetime. When making a first impression an attractive smile conveys openness and confidence and inspires trust. When looking at a commercial and seeing someone with a bright beautiful smile, one is more likely to purchase the product he or she is selling or be more interested in what is being said. One's teeth are the center of the face and for the most part are the first thing that people see when they look at a person. In fact, “behavioral researchers have found that a smiling face is more likely to encourage cooperation from strangers during initial encounters” (Doyle 20). A smile can make or break a meeting, interview, or a first impression. Because of this, more people have started to see the positive effects …show more content…

A number of studies over the years have confirmed that severe malocclusion can actually be a social handicap. Social responses, conditioned by appearance of the teeth, can severely affect an individual’s whole adaptation to life. One of the most significant effects of a malocclusion is its psycho-social impact on the patient. Without a doubt poor dental appearance can have a negative impact on children. “A study conducted by Shaw, E. found that children were picked on more about their teeth than anything else” (Scheffel 124). A person’s dental appearance can have a large effect on the way they feel about themselves. Children with malocclusion have been proven to have more social and emotional issues than those with well aligned teeth. With this in mind, a patient's perceptions and expectations regarding their appearance play a significant role in treatment planning. “Facial aesthetic perception differs among individuals and is often influenced by their own experiences, society and culture” (Nagalakshmi 162). So it is important when making a treatment plan that the orthodontist does not make suggestions based only on what they think is acceptable. The orthodontist must do an assessment of the patients quality of life when choosing the brace type and/or appliances needed during the treatment

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