Management Accounting: Costs and Budgeting

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BTEC Centre Guangdong AIB Polytechnic College |Unit |Unit 9: Management Accounting: Costs and Budgeting | |Class |2011 HND Finance | |Assignment |A2: Preparing budgets | |Date issued |Nov 14,2012 | |Date deadline |Dec 12, 2012 | |Tutor…show more content…
| |Distinction |D1 |Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and |You can explain the budgeting methods in detail, illustrate the | | | |justify valid conclusions |advantages and disadvantages of them and show deep understanding | | | | |of the references and the validity of results has been judged. | | |D3 |Demonstrate convergent, lateral and creative |You have shown a lot of ideas of your own and convergent and | | | |thinking |lateral thinking have been applied. | Grading: |Detailed Grading | |IV’s comments on above grading decision: | | | |Final grading decision | Scenario one: Warner Manufacturing is preparing a budget for the first
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