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On-Line Therapy
BSHS 352

On-Line Therapy Like most traditional therapies, online counseling and support could have various effects on various people. Most of those who need mental health services, they have varying personal needs and not everyone could benefit from an online support. There are also people that would find what they are looking for on online mental health services. They are also who would feel more comfortable finding restorative assistance at their own homes rather than typical doctor’s visit. In the Stress Group website, an individual could find essential information in various categories such as depression, anger management, anxiety, counseling and therapy,
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The online support group works similarly with the traditional group therapy discussions wherein the basic organizational structure and regulations are still in effect without the need to go personally into the sessions. DBSA informs their clients that just like the traditional therapy meetings, clients in online sessions are guaranteed confidentially. Whatever things that has been said in online sessions, stays within the group. It is similar in meeting for Alcoholics Anonymous (DBSA, 2011). Nowadays, there are no existing laws in California that prohibit professionals from offering online services to their clients. However, the time would come wherein certain regulations would be implemented as to what types of services would be provided online. When such a time would come, online therapy sessions would become more accepted as a way of acquiring mental health service (Leslie, 1999). However, Minnesota has promulgated an internet therapy committee which consists of professional therapist, who started to be more aware that the online therapy sessions are becoming more popular. The committee has assisted on creating a set of regulations that would cover all internet services to make sure that all sessions were done in the same ethical and moral standards as traditional services are
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