Mandatory Minimum Sentencing On Violent Crimes Essay

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J’son West
Nov. 12. 2016
CJ 202 Canon Mandatory Minimum Sentencing on Violent Crimes
Crime in America is growing at a substantial rate and repeat offenders are playing a huge roll in this growth. Mandatory minimum sentences, first established in Connecticut in 1969 and expanded throughout the 1980s and 1990s, exemplify a shift in public policy to impose a specific amount of imprisonment based on the crime committed and the defendant’s criminal history, and away from other individual offender characteristics and circumstances. A mandatory minimum sentence requires a judge to impose a statutorily fixed sentence on individual offenders convicted of certain crimes, regardless other mitigating factors. This paper will be focusing on the controversial issue of mandatory minimum sentences and why I believe it would be highly effective if put into place for convicted violent offenders. There has been much debate over this topic in the United States, such as in California’s “Three Strikes Law and other similar state mandated laws. I will discuss how mandatory sentences for violent crimes will increase deterrence. That, in hopes will lower crime significantly, which continues to be increasing problem in our country. I will argue that mandatory sentencing can be designed to avoid injustices. A substantial number of offenders who commit violent crimes often receive lighter sentences for various reasons, whether it be because they have a “non-violent” past or they receive an early

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