Mandela Effect Speech

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I. Introduction
Attention Gainer-( I am going to show pictures of popular brands that make you test your memory, and ask the audience, “Have you ever seen everyday brands spelled a certain way, and you look at it again. And it was never as you saw it.”
Reason To Listen/Credibility- (Then I will Say) Can you imagine yourself at a store, and looking through the candy, food, whichever section you are at, and all of a sudden you see that the popular brand “Febreze” was never spelled “Febreeze”, or “Kit Kat” was never spelled with a dash, “Kit-Kat”. It blows your mind, and you can only help, but wonder how can this be. It test your memory quite a bit and makes you think about how it could’ve changed from the last time you saw that brand to the time it was seen differently in the store that day. The explanation to this phenomena would be “The Mandela Effect.” My interest in this topic came to me when I was walking into an H.E.B, and I saw a Febreze bottle that caught my eye. The Febreze bottle was spelled “Febreze”, and I have always remembered “Febreeze”. When I Got home I went straight to my computer and searched up “Febreze or Febreeze.” The first thing that popped up was the Mandela Effect, and ever since then I have been hooked on this “effect” and its logic. As of right now, I have been looking and searching for more and more theories of this “effect” for a good amount of time, and I believe with my research and study I can show what The Mandela Effect is all about.

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