Manifest Destiny

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The Evolution Of Transportation
Manifest Destiny was a widely spread belief that settlers in the United States should expand across North America. It was the belief that fueled the westward expansion. The westward expansion led to many other events in and around the United States. Before Manifest Destiny and the westward expansion the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War took place which allowed America to declare independence. Manifest Destiny was a big influence on the evolution of transport and technology. Before we look at the main influence on transport and technology we must look at what happened before Manifest Destiny. Some events helped to influence Manifest Destiny and the evolution of transport and technology. One event
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The conflict was caused by British violations of U.S. maritime rights. The war ended in 1815 with the exchange of ratifications of the Treaty of Ghent.
United States now owned territory up to the Missouri River and explored the Louisiana Purchase. After settling this territory Manifest Destiny became a very popular idea and belief. Manifest Destiny was used to justify the war with Mexico in the 1840’s which resulted in the U.S. owning more land that Mexico previously owned. The idea spread throughout the United States. It was such a popular belief because of the ideas behind it.
Many of the ideas behind Manifest Destiny were influenced by the Second Great Awakening. Settlers believe that God blessed the expansion of America. They also believed that all Native Americans were heathens. By converting the Native American tribes they believed they were saving souls and were doing good. A symbol of Manifest Destiny is “Columbia” and it shows the figure moving across the land in advance of settlers, replacing darkness with light and ignorance with civilization.
There was also other influences on Manifest Destiny. Such as the economic motives. Aspiring homesteaders were drawn in by the desire for more land. Once gold was discovered in California in 1848 the number of migrants increased drastically.
The westward expansion had many big influences. Manifest Destiny was the main idea for expanding west. The Second Great Awakening was a big influence as

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