Many People Believe That Sweatshops Are Unethical And Exploit

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Many people believe that sweatshops are unethical and exploit people working in third world countries. However, economists support sweatshops in third world countries because evidence shows it increases capital, as well as improve the lives of workers by providing higher wages and safer jobs compared to other possible substitutes.
Supply and demand economics applies to workers in third world countries who work in sweatshops; the more sweatshops demanded, the more jobs supplied— overall increasing capital. Getting rid of sweatshops or increasing labor wages may not only result in job loss but, it may also result in closing down sweatshops. This would leave people worse off/poorer than they would be with a sweatshop job. Kline explains that
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Not only that, they would also likely earn less money. Bowman quotes Powell who states, “In nine out of ten countries, ‘working ten-hour days in the apparel industry lifts employees above (and often far above) the $2 per day threshold.’ And ‘in half of the countries it results in earning more than three times the national average’”(2015). Most anti-sweatshop groups argue that sweatshops pay their workers very little, but economists, Bowman and Powell, explain that anti-sweatshop groups are comparing first world wages to those of a third word country; this comparison is not comparable because of the standard of living, which is much lower than that of a first world country.
Many people who believe sweatshops create poverty should be informed that sweatshops are a way for people to leave a life of poverty. In an interview with Kristof, a woman, a dumpster scavenger who doesn’t work in a sweatshop, confesses, “’I’d love to get a job in a factory’…‘At least that work is in the shade. Here is where it’s hot’” (2009). Contrary to what most people (who live in first world countries) believe, working in a sweatshop is a dream in a third world country. Kristof finds that working in a sweatshop is the best alternative compared to other possible jobs in the third world country. Not only do the sweatshop workers’ purchasing power increase since they would get

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