March on Washington Causes and Consequences Essay

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March On Washington – Causes and consequences essay Final The march on Washington in August 1963 is seen by many as the high point of the Civil Rights movement in America. This essay will look at how dissatisfaction with the slow pace of integration growing concern at the economic disparity between black and white Americans, the campaign in Birmingham under Martin Luther King juniors leadership, and the desire to support the proposed civil rights bill that Kennedy was introducing were the main causes of the March taking place. It will also discuss the consequences of the impact of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech, white backlash, the passing of the 1964 civil rights bill in recognition of the need to push for writing rights One of …show more content…

Kennedy said America faced a “moral crisis” and that it was “time to act in congress.” The events in Birmingham had forced Kennedy to act and he proposed to send new Civil Rights legislations to congress. Kennedy and his supporters would face great opposition from many of the White politicians who would use delaying tactics to defeat the Bill. To keep pressure on the administration to pass the bill, the Black leaders planned the March on Washington. This would also draw attention to the high level of Black Unemployment. Consequences Martin Luther Kings speech at the March on Washington was one of the greatest speeches of all time. ‘I Have a Dream’ is in every Americans heart as the speech that changed history. The speech was one of the most cleverly constructed speeches with its powerful imagery. ‘I Have a Dream’ also had a very strong Christian message; it did so because most of the African- American community was Christian. The speech was very calm and non-violent which meant it also followed the theme of non-violence, which carried through everything the African- Americans did. The speech was aimed at all people in America but was seen throughout the world as well. This speech and the March helped persuade the White senates and congressman to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. One of the most immediate consequences of the March on Washington was the

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