Marcus Brutus: The True Tragic Hero in Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare

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Cassius, the leader of the conspiracy, tries to recruit Marcus Brutus into the group because he believes it will make them look less like murderers and more like heroes. He agrees and helps carry out the assassination. The story continues after Caesar’s death with a series of disagreements between characters and ultimately a civil war involving Brutus and Cassius and their armies, and Mark Antony’s army. Even though the play is called Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus is the real tragic hero because he is very well respected, he assumes everyone thinks the same way as him, and he ends up killing himself. Brutus is always very well respected because he was very close to Caesar and an important part in his senate. His decision is always final in the play. For example, the conspirators are not sure if they want to include Cicero in the group but Brutus does not want Cicero to join, so they decide not to include him. Another example would be when the group contemplates killing Mark Antony. Brutus argues that they would look like murderers if they killed Antony, so it they decided against killing Antony. When Brutus and Cassius have different ideas about how they should attack Antony’s army, Cassius says, “Then with your will go on; We’ll along ourselves, and meet them at…
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