Marginalized Minorities Of The Media

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Marginalized Minorities in the Media Adam Gasper COM 325 Mass Communication and Society Professor Fisher September 2nd 2016 Marginalized Minorities in the Media It’s estimated that nearly 1/3 of people suffer from obesity in North America. Rather than being a part of the solution, the media has a portrayal of what one should and should not look like, what is beautiful and what is not, typically possessing unrealistic standards and showing those that are overweight, as weak-willed individuals, who generally are blue collared individuals. This paper shall discuss obese individuals and how they are portrayed on television or on online streaming programming. Secondly, this paper shall discuss why this group has such a negative portrayal. Third, this paper will discuss what social pressures and production forces shape these portrayals. Finally, this paper will incorporate a media theory and explain what effects it has on the audiences and how obese individuals are typically treated in society. Obese Portrayed in Media Entertainment. The portrayal of obese individuals in entertainment media varies. CBS once had a popular hit sitcom called, Mike & Molly. The show shares a story of two blue collar individuals, who are two real people, who have every day issues, who are just simply trying to improve their lives, essentially a story that many others can relate to. Mike is an overweight police officer and Molly is an elementary school teacher who lives with her mother and
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