Marijuan Friend Or Foe?

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Marijuana: Friend or Foe?
Marijuana is a recreational drug used in a manner similar to the use of alcohol. It has been vilified in the United States for over seventy years. Overlooking its multifarious practical uses, both medicinal and industrial, the Federal government remains steadfast in their maintenance of the status quo which is that the use, growth, and possession of marijuana is criminal. This is despite the clearly obvious evidence that the legalizing marijuana would have an extremely positive effect on America.
Marijuana, as it is commonly known, comes from a plant called "cannabis sativa”, or hemp. "Hemp" is the term used to refer to any durable plant used since ancient times for various purposes, and from all hemp plants the cannabis hemp stands out as being the most durable. It also produces three extremely important products that other plants cannot produce in a usable form: pulp, medicine, and seed. The cannabis sativa plant grows as cultivated plant and weed in a variety of soils and climates all over the world. (source 1) Marijuana’s many uses have been utilized throughout history; in 4000 B.C hemp was used to create textiles in China; in 6000 B.C. the Chinese used cannabis seeds as food; the first recorded use of marijuana as medicine was in 2727 B.C. in China. Historians believe that hemp was first transported to the New World by the Spanish in 1545; in 1611 the English introduced it to Jamestown where it eventually became a commercially essential…

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