Marijuana Decriminalization Essay

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The Canadian government has created many laws with the intention of ameliorating the quality of life of its citizens. Unfortunately, in some instances these laws and policies become public nuisances that do more harm than good. This has become the case with the federal government’s decision to criminalize marijuana under the Narcotics Act. This legislation was created by bureaucrats without fully weighing its advantages and disadvantages in an attempt to protect Canadian citizens from the effects of marijuana, which include a loss of coordination and temporary memory loss. As a result of passing this law the Canadian justice system is clogged with marijuana offenders whose lives are being ruined at great expense to taxpayers, and the…show more content…
The sheer number of marijuana related court cases has hampered the ability of the Canadian legal system to arrest and to prosecute more serious offenders, as $1 billion in police resources are wasted annually catching marijuana offenders and the courts struggle to process all of these arrests. Young males make up the majority of the offenders, with 86% being under the age of 25 and with 90% being male (Rebick A19). Even more alarming is the fact that 67% of the arrests made were for simple possession of marijuana, meaning that these people were just recreational users, not traffickers. This law banning marijuana has unsuccessfully attempted to stop marijuana use, albeit it has successfully managed to ruin the lives of a large number of young Canadian males. Some of these young men attend high school and university, and some of have jobs, pay taxes and contribute to the economy. According to Carey, the criminalization of marijuana has unfairly given 600, 000 Canadians with bright futures a permanent stigma by shackling them with criminal records (A1). Banning marijuana in Canada has wasted the time of the police and the courts and in doing so has also wasted the lives of valuable Canadian citizens.      In addition to wasting valuable taxpayer money, the criminalization of marijuana has prevented the government and industry from experiencing an economic windfall. In Canada alone, about 50, 000 people are charged with
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