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Should Marijuana be legalized in Texas The controversy over Marijuana has gone back in forth for much time, but the growth of Marijuana use has grown rapidly throughout the years. With multiple states legalizing marijuana many people that live in Texas ask, why has Texas not legalized marijuana? Though this question goes often unanswered to many the difficulty of the answer will continue as well. A number of states have legalized marijuana for medical use only and the results of this have made many lives worth living for many people across the nation. Nigel McCourry is a former U.S Marine, he was deployed to Iraq for seven months in 2004. After coming back to the United States he could not seem to get away from what he experienced. After time went on with everyday being a struggle of motivation to get out of bed, move on, continue to live as before, and sleep without waking up through the night with dreams recalling what he witnessed in Iraq. Seeking a solution to his nightmare of a life he enrolled in the study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. What he did not expect was that the journey back to a normal life would start with illegal drugs. In a short two years he experienced sleeping through the night without wake up calls of the past and shortly after the full healing experience began. Roberto Pickering was another Marine who was deployed in Iraq a year before McCourry. Pickering served nine months in Iraq and lost many friends in his unit while in combat. He says “We

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