Marijuana Is A Big Part Of Society

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Since the mid to late 20th century, marijuana has been a big part of society. Marijuana has been used by humans since ancient times, but it didn’t become globally popular until the late 1960s to the 1970s. “Since its use was first reported more than 40 years ago in the United States, cannabis use has spread globally” (Hall, pg. 19). Soon after the Vietnam War across the United States and many other countries people found many drugs to consume. One of the most popular drugs is Marijuana. Around this time that the majority of people used and abused drugs, there were no laws against them. Doctors did not know much with reference to marijuana and the health effects it has on people. So people would use them freely without any second thought. They just knew about what it does mentally and the state of mind that is commonly known as being “high”. Today, Marijuana is an illegal drug by the Federal government. Recently, some state governments have made marijuana legal for anyone who is 18 years of age or older. On the other hand in some states doctors are prescribing medicinal marijuana to patients with cancer. People use and abuse drugs every day and people of many ages are using them, but the majority of the drug using population is teens and young adults. Marijuana is typically not abused due to the face that it does not create an addiction. Our federal government believes that the effects of marijuana is dangerous for anyone. “Those opposing liberalization of current laws…
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