Marijuana Madness, A Cry For Reform !

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Marijuana Madness, a cry for reform!
In 2015 twenty states had legalized marijuana, of those states two had legalized recreational use, but without a unified decision by congress many may encounter the chaos that some states currently are.
The first recorded reference to a cannabis product and its psychoactive effects dates from 2737 BC, in the writings of the Chinese emperor Shen Nung who was considered to be the father of Chinese medicine. It is unclear exactly how Cannabis got to the New World, some believe it was the Spaniards around the 16th century while others speculate that it was as late as the 18th century.
Jumping ahead a few thousand years: according to Marty Ludlum and Darrell Ford the first American law concerning cannabis was passed in 1619, the law required every household to grow hemp since it was viewed as a strategic necessity. By 1890 hemp had placed right behind cotton as a major cash crop in southern states. Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and a few other colonies later made hemp a legal tender, which increased production by farmers greatly. Some of the Founding Fathers including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson even grew hemp. (Page 37-51). Today the list of government officials who have admitted to smoking pot includes: mayors, governors, members of the House of Representatives, Senators, and presidents.
By Martin Booths estimation in, Cannabis: A History. 2003. Marijuana got a bad reputation, often because it was associated with

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