Martin Luther And The Reformation Of The Medieval Christian Church

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Martin Luther, a boy who with the help of his father grew up to play a major role in the Reformation of the Medieval Christian Church. Luther’s family was not considered very wealthy. His grandfather was a peasant as well as his father, but his father knew that in order to allow Luther a chance at becoming something greater than a peasant, he had to make some changes. He worked his way up to be an employer in the mining industry thus allowing Luther to begin his journey in becoming a leading Reformer. To begin, Luther went against his father’s hopes of him becoming a lawyer instead; he joined a monastery in hopes of fulfilling salvation. In order to save his soul Luther decided to become a monk. The path he had chosen required him to devote to hours of prayer, fasting, and frequent confession. Luther became obsessed with the idea of being saved. It got to the point where he felt it was necessary to continuously confess sins that he was not physically committing but rather internally in his mind. Luther began to feel the anxiety due to the uncertainty of his salvation as many others did. Seeing him suffer, Luther’s prior sent him to Wittenberg to study and teach. It was at Wittenberg that Luther began to question several of the doctrines of the Roman Church. One of the first ideas Luther began to question was righteousness. To be righteous is to be morally good, or in other terms free from guilt or sin (Merriam-Webster). Luther discovered righteousness to be something

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