Martin Luther King Case Analysis

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Throughout its existence, the United States of America has gone through its fair share of intense times. In the two-hundred and forty-one years as a country, we have engaged in plenty of war and strife, both within our borders and internationally, in attempt to preserve rights and liberties that are at the basis of our foundation. However, our country has not been blameless within our granting and enforcement of these fundamentals principles to our own people. We see our mistakes of unequal and discriminatory treatment to groups that are deemed “inferior” due to things that they have no control over, such as their gender or the color of their skin. It is through these great divides that we see revolutions arise, such as the Civil Rights movements, led by extraordinarily brave citizens willing to raise the curtain to expose the injustices that most of us are too cowardly to take action against. One of these prominent individuals was Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He, his supporters, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference worked diligently around the clock to bring awareness to the ill treatment of minorities, specifically African Americans, to America’s attention, and fight for change through their message of non-violence. After being put in a Birmingham jail after one of his public demonstrations, Dr. King writes one of his most famous letters as a specific response to some of the criticisms against his platform and action, defending his cause and calling out

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