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Martin Luther King Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15th 1929 growing up in the comfort of a rare black middle class community. His farther was the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church and an active member of the NAACP; the church would prove to be a large influence in Kings early life it became his "Second home" were he felt "special". His parents and family would repeatedly try to build his self esteem and confidence through telling him he was "somebody" and rewarding him for his sensitive personality. King had a white friend as a child yet one day the boy told him that he was no longer allowed to play with him because his father would not allow it, it was the first time …show more content…

In the playground King could outwrestle any of his peers and often was so competitive, friends could not tell if he was playing of fighting. King had another sensitive side to him; he played the violin, enjoyed opera and had an individual style of dress and developed the nickname "tweed" due to his liking for tweed suits. King also had an increasing interest in "lovely young women" and kept "flitting from chick to chick" as described by his little brother. At age fifteen he started Morehouse College in Atlanta were he had ambitions to become a lawyer, eventually he decided to become a Baptist preacher after vowing not to as a child and was ordained in 1947. At Morehouse his white hatred had softened due to positive contact with white students at the college. King went on to study for the Baptist ministry at Crozer Seminary in Chester near Philadelphia, a mostly white institution were he would contemplate the future of the black civil rights movement through an interest in Mohandas Ghandi and peaceful protest among others. 1n 1951, King graduated from Crozer to attend Boston University where he would earn a PhD in Theology. In 1953, he married fellow black student Coretta Scott after being convinced by friends that it would be foolish to marry a white women he particularly liked. The following year he was appointed

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